Scores from this weekend are up

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We had a successful weekend with shooters braving Florida summer in order to get quality time on the range. We are humbled and honored to find so many like minded friends from the community to make it out to our different events.

Here is the link to our results page. Thanks for coming out and keeping the matches enjoyable. See you soon.


Matches this weekend

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Saturday is our monthly USPSA match with Homestead Practical Shooters. We will be running 4 stages that include one classifier. Check in begins at 08:00. $25 per shooter. (HTC Members $20).

If you are interested, register HERE

Then on Sunday, we will be holding our monthly SCSA Match with 6 stages. Sign in at 08:00. $25 per shooter. (HTC Members $20)

If you want to attend this event, you may register HERE

We look forward to seeing you at the range.



The summer is upon us

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 8725477863_61e9409cb0_k-700x466Our Independence Day celebration is behind us and it is apparent to those of us who are hard core, it is time to take the season into account when planning your day on the range.

Here is a few pointers for those of you who are new to the area:

First off, hydrate. Start the night before. (alcohol doesn’t count) Bring water rather than caffeine. Your body needs water and electrolytes to help your energy level as you are active in the heat. Caffeine can have a negative effect. If you are not hitting the bathroom every hour, you are not drinking enough water. water-bottle-537x402

Second, mornings are your friend. Come out early to train while your energy levels are higher. We suggest you plan your day to avoid the early afternoon summer heat. Late morning and early afternoon may work well for you brunch lovers but we predict if you eat a large meal and then come out to the range, you might feel the effects shortly after lunch. YMMV.

Kinds-of-Insect-RepellentThird, the humidity and moisture caused by the summer rains means you should apply your favorite choice of insect repellant on your clothes and exposed skin to keep bugs away. Keep the sprays away from your glasses otherwise they may damage the coating of the lenses.

Fourth, Sunscreen. Apply it often. While we know a suntan is part of the Miami lifestyle, we have also become a top city for skin surgery. Choose which of those you prefer. sunscreen

Fifth; Neck Wraps are great. A wet towel wrapped around your neck helps to prevent overheating. There are inexpensive wraps on the market today that really do a nice job. And they keep the hot casings off your skin.


Sixth, if you keep yourself getting weak or a little dizzy, it is time for electrolytes and shade. Pour cool water on your arms to help cool down your body temp. Don’t try to power through feeling bad. electrolytes

Seventh and final note, Rain gear. While shooting in the rain is sometimes part of a training curriculum, it usually signals its time to pack up and head out. Even if that is the case, you still need to collect your gear and head to your vehicle. No matter what you elect to do, you are going to feel better about having the right gear with you when this inevitable event occurs.rain-gear

For those of you caught by surprise without something you wish you had, stop by our office. We have most of what you will need along with trained first responder staff.



Greater Broward Friends of the NRA Banquet

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This last Thursday evening we were proud to be one of the many sponsors at the Friends of the NRA Banquet which was held at the Signature Grand in Davie. We wanted to share a few photos from the evening and thank our tireless host Frank Kirlin for the opportunity to be a part of the south Florida shooting community.


Fathers Day is June 19th

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Fathers day is around the corner. Join us for a morning of Steel Challenge and afterwards we will have burgers and hot-dogs cooking on our new grills. If competition is not your cup of tea, all of our other ranges will be open including our 500. We hope to see you.