Weekend of October 15th match schedule

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This month Homestead Practical shooters will be holding their monthly match on Saturday.

The registration is here

Steel Challenge is regularly scheduled on Sunday and this month WILL NOT be held do to availability of the match staff. We will resume our monthly match in November with an 8 stage match for our members and shooters.



Training courses coming to HTC

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We received a request from Richard Smith from Florida Firearms Training to pass this information to anyone who might be in attending these courses here at HTC.


We have the legendary John & Vicki Farnam teaching 2 courses, back to back on November 4-5 John will be teaching his DTI Staff instructor certification course and on November 6-7 Vicki will be teaching her widely acclaimed “teaching women to shoot” course!! (Vicki has actually written 2 books on this subject and has taught this course to LE agencies nationwide as well as to the MARSOC marines)
More info can be found here:
On November 11-13 we have nationally known instructor Dave Spaulding coming to town to teach his “Critical Space Pistol” course.
More info can be found here:
In February of 2017 we have Rangemaster ‘s Tom & Lynn Givens coming to town for 2 back to back courses.
On February 3-5 We have the Rangemaster Instructor Certification course and on February 10-12 we have the Rangemaster Shotgun Instructor Certification course.
More info can be found here:
And we are also close to finalizing a deal to bring Larry Vickers to South Florida in April of 2017, watch our Facebook page for more details!!
Thank you!!

Hurricane Matthew Update

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With the weather developments of the last day, we are going to suspend operation midday Wednesday and remain closed all day Thursday while the storm passes. We are hopeful the storm brushes past Florida although we are expecting the Tropical Storm winds and rain the next 48 hours.

We wish everyone good luck and see you back on Friday morning to clean up.

Something to be aware of in November

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Every day at HTC is an air show with the op tempo ‘on the other side of our fence’.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Our neighbors are putting on a major Air show for our community during the first weekend in November on the 5th & 6th. Word is, they will be bringing down all of their top performance aircraft and performers for this weekend. Here is a link to their official web site.  Thunderbirds are going to be the anchor performers. They are expecting 200,000 attendees each day. Traffic is already going to be a challenge.

Our weekend is already booked solid with training programs on our ranges and we are going to be working in close coordination with the show management to go cold during certain acts taking place overhead.

We have scheduled to close our public ranges for general shooting due to the event during these hours since it is our expectation most of our visitors will be unable to contain their enthusiasm having the air show over head.

Members are welcome to join us to have a great view of the show. We have grills available. Come out with your friends and family and enjoy the air show.

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This Sunday, Never Forget

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It is hard to believe fifteen years has passed since the morning of September 11th.

A day that every American’s life changed regardless of where you happened to be or how old you were.



Everyone has their own story about this day.

Put that on pause Sunday and take a moment to remember the people no longer with us as the result of that attack on our country. Many of us have friends and family that have been touched by that outcome.

Our country came together that day.

Sunday will be a good day to remember that fact as we ponder our upcoming future.

This weekend when you think about what that might mean, remember to say quietly ,,,Let’s Roll

Matches this weekend

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Saturday is our monthly USPSA match with Homestead Practical Shooters. We will be running 4 stages that include one classifier. Check in begins at 08:00. $25 per shooter. (HTC Members $20).

If you are interested, register HERE

Then on Sunday, we will be holding our monthly SCSA Match with 6 stages. Sign in at 08:00. $25 per shooter. (HTC Members $20)

If you want to attend this event, you may register HERE

We look forward to seeing you at the range.