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Outside Instructor Portal

Outside Instructor Portal


We are providing this information to assist prospective instructors. We expect instructors to be professional, have established, effective, and safe teaching points for their students, and always adhere to HTC’s established action bay rules. If you have any questions, please ask our staff or instructors. Experienced instructors realize they should digest and comprehend quality sourced and verifiable information daily for cognitive self-improvement.

Checklist for Guest Instructors:

  • Copy of Liability Insurance with Range29, LLC. listed as an additional insured (please ask the office for specific wording).
  • Course Outline/Program of Instruction, including your Safety brief (Incorporate HTC's 4 Safe Gun Handling Rules as stated in the Action Bay Rules)
  • Instructor Certification(s)
  • Review and Printed name and signature of “Action Bay Rules”
  • Review and Printed name and signature of “Tactical Bay Rules” (if applicable)
  • Bring all documents to the HTC Office, or, email documents to info@range29.com.

Violations for non-compliance with stated requirements will include the removal of your privilege to use the Action Bays and or Tactical Bays


Want a PDF of checklist: Click Here!


HTC will provide a Group Waiver for ALL STUDENTS & INSTRUCTOR SIGNATURE. The Group Waiver will be waiting for you in the HTC Office. The waiver must be filled out, LEGIBLY, by the Lead Instructor and include your LEGIBLE student names and signatures. One waiver for each separate training day.


Other Range Rules:

1. Active-duty Military or Law Enforcement, NOT training with your organization, must sign and abide by the Action Bay Rules. ACTION BAY RULES 2. Active-duty Military or Law Enforcement training WITH your organization must sign the “Law Enforcement and Active Military Rules” LAW ENFORCEMENT & ACTIVE MILITARY RULES

  1. Instructors Reservation: You can reserve a range any time throughout the calendar year. Call the Range Office to reserve a range. 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation. See section on class rates and rental for instructors, concerning deposits.
  2. If you do not show up, it’s non-refundable. Cancellation Policy: All customers must notify HTC at least 96 hours prior to the start of the class or event in order to receive a 100% refund. A 75% refund will be issued with a cancellation notice between 72 hours and 96 hours. No refund will be issued if the customer cancels less than 72 hours prior to the start of the class or event. Those who do not call to cancel at all or do not show for the class or event will be considered a “no-show”. All “no-show’s” lose all rights to receive a refund of any kind.
  3. Check-In Procedures: Instructors pick up their Group Waiver in the HTC office. Do not direct your students to the range/bay, unless you are present at the bay.
  4. Ensure your students know the name of your business to ensure they know who, or where they are attending a class.